Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Camp 2011

The weekend of Jan 22.

Six inches of snow on the ground. Overnight temps predicted to be 15 degrees. Snow flurries possible. Four die-hard winter-time campers in their vehicles and converging on the Pike county farm where we will camp out overnight...

We're fired up!

After arriving and selecting our campsite in the dark, Andy started a fire while I gathered some nearby dead wood. Don started sawing on a downed tree but within a few minutes, he was exhausted. That queasy feeling he'd had most of the day coupled with the sudden lack of energy made it easy to second-guess the decision to come 2.5 hours to sleep on the snow.
There he sits in the orange hat while Andy and I commiserate... and stay warm.

Fortunately, Bruce showed up with some Sierra Mist and that settled Don's stomach - which actually made us all feel better. Unfortunately, he just didn't feel like eating...

Andy's potatoes

Nor did he feel like chewing on a fork-cut tender, marinated, open flame grilled venison steak.

Don even prepared this delicious pot of deer-burger chili cooked over coals but took nary a bite.

Andy chows down.

"Yours truly" digs in.

Thankfully, everyone got a good nights sleep and felt great in the morning.

Here is a look at our Beds & Breakfast.

Bruce upgraded from his 3 sleeping bags last year to his new heavyweight -30 degree rated bag for this year. Toasty!!

The second time out in my -20 rated bag. It was a good investment.

Don's snoozing spot in the snow.

Andy had all ready packed his gear to the truck for the trip home but he shows where he spent the night... with almost all the comforts of home.

Emily? Not quite sure why she changed her mind, but at the last minute she chose ALL the comforts of home.

Four of the reasons we winter camp!

Accompanied by 3 more reasons.

And finally, 5 more reasons. Our company of campers.
Robert (thanks for the use of your woods) Eldon, Don, Andy & Bruce.

Two of our usual cast were unable to attend this year. Rob & Doug, we missed you guys!

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