Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remodel Project # 12,398

Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration but it seems the remodeling is ongoing and endless. Particularly when we remodel the remodel.. got that?

The latest is a room in the basement which has been a bedroom for a boarder some years ago, then a den, then a bedroom for Kyle most recently. Now with Kyle gone, we've decided to go back to the den/family room plan. But not with the move out the bed and move in the couch & lounge chair plan but rather the tear it up, enlarge it, new ceiling, new walls, new flooring, more outlets, new lighting plan.

The timetable? Well, that would take some of the mystique out of it if we actually had a completion date wouldn't it?

The drop ceiling is down has been removed. The support posts were previously hidden by two closets, the remnants of which are laying on the floor.

Now the back wall of the closets is gone, save a few studs I've not removed. Removing the closets coupled with some behind the closet gives the room a little over 4' additional width.

Our furnace & hot water were in the open so the new drywall seen here is actually new also and is now a mechanical/storage room.