Thursday, January 27, 2011

Basement IV

We've been looking forward to this. Our wood has arrived from The Woodworkers Shoppe in Comin, Michigan. We unloaded it into the garage for the time being.
One hour after the driver pulled up we've unloaded and she is on her way back to MI with 500 miles to go and hoping to get back before dark. Meanwhile, Brenda and I are headed to St Louis, Mt Vernon and Springfield. We spend a day antique shopping and visit Old St Charles, Mo. From there we head to my folks for a short stay lasting from Sat eve. to Sunday noon. Then off to see Kamela for a day and then home Monday late afternoon so Brenda and I can both get to previously scheduled meetings and appointments.
Finally about 4 days later we get the lumber in the house. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of myself and 3 other guys passing stack after stack through the basement window. I didn't anticipate getting all the wood indoors in one session but that is what happened.
Although the walkways are now considerably more restrictive!
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