Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Did you read this?

One of my blogs several months ago suggested reading some of the stories written in a blog called From Under My Hat.  It is linked at the right side of this page under My Blog List. 

Whether you have or have not read Kevin's stories before, now would be a good time to do so.

I cannot imagine you won't enjoy the story: A Shed Full of Memories

Sunday, January 6, 2013


This fall & winter has been busy enough that when I had time to blog I just didn't feel like it.  So here is a bit more in the way of catch-up.

After adding a new entry, two sidewalks became obsolete and needed to be removed.  The sidewalk to the drive/garage needed replacing.  So with a rental jackhammer in hand, I and every sidewalk on the place took a beating.

Sunny Lane sidewalk ready to be hauled away.

Sidewalk from the front porch to side porch also is ready to be removed and will be replaced with landscaping this spring.

This version of sidewalk was in place for a few months.  Thanks to all our visitors who tiptoed to the
door without complaining.

We spent some time deciding what we wanted to do for a replacement sidewalk.  Then more time deciding exactly which materials, design & such.  A week before Christmas, a local landscaping company showed up and...  24 hours later it's done.  We're not use to that kind of start-to-finish time frame around here.  It sure was nice!


Update from last March

Last winter/spring I posted some photos and updates from the new entryway.  In March, I did a blog showing some photos of the exterior in its final construction stages. Entry from outside

The interior views never made it into a blog.  Perhaps it's not too late to remedy that.

Above is a daylight view and below is later in the evening with lights on.

The blue trim on right side of photo and partly across the top is where the exterior wall was located prior to the remodel.

We wanted to avoid making the 9x12 addition look like a box thrown on the front of the house so we
installed 6 windows.  This corner lets in morning light and gives us a view of Main Street.

Opposite is another nook that holds a couple windows and lets in afternoon sun.