Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Basement II

Next item on the list? The fireplace!
The fireplace shop sent 3 guys out to install and they put it in place and ran the vent in no time at all. They didn't stand around except here while one of the guys jackhammers through the block wall for exhaust pipe installation. Unfortunately, I didn't have the gas line and electrical ready since they came to install ahead of schedule (imagine that!) but they came back later to complete the project.

The fireplace was set on the framework you see on the ground and I came in later
and built the framework.

It sure didn't take long to take advantage of something Brenda has wanted for years. She's cold so much of the winter, sitting beside a fire is like a dream. So while the room is far from done, you can see we've got chairs in place and have enjoyed it's warming comforts all ready.
Here, Brenda is covering the furniture as some nearby drywall is about to be sanded.
More later

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Anonymous said...

I know that you are busy with renovations but I only count the tale of 2 dead deer and am curious about #3. As my season was a grand total of 3 seconds of deer sighting I am starving for a success story!