Sunday, January 8, 2012


My mother-in-law has talked about yellow cars for I don't know how long.  Make & model has never mattered, just yellow.  I'm not sure she'd notice an elephant parked on the shoulder but a yellow car would never go unnoticed.  Nor would a yellow truck or even the rare yellow motorcycle for that matter!

Since Carl hasn't bought her a yellow car yet a grandchild suggested Norma at least deserved a ride in one.  So it was decided that for her 80th birthday she'd get a ride in a special yellow car.  Unfortunately, on the milestone birthday, Norma was in Florida assisting with an ill nephew.  The event was put on hold.

But sometimes things work out after all because over Christmas break while most of the family was together we were able to make it work.  That made it even better though a bit late.

We'd arranged for a friend from Eureka to help us out.  He drove up and we ushered the family outside and brought Norma out of the house last...  she caught on quick!!

She got a ride about town and some time in the driver's seat.  

"That was one snazzy car"  Norma Rodgers, Dec 2011

I don't think Norma knew initially what type car she was riding in - but now she does.  Not only was it yellow; but a Corvette to boot.  Happy Birthday Norma... again!