Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wedding

The town of Pawnee sits in the northern part of Central Oklahoma with it's 2,190 residents. (when they are all home)  Folks unfamiliar with that area of the Sooner State may never have heard of Pawnee, but those who are serious fans of Dick Tracy might know the cartoonist who created that comic strip, Chester Gould, was born there.  Which is why Pawnee is home to the world's largest Dick Tracy mural.  And maybe the only Dick Tracy mural for all I know.  Also born in Pawnee was Chief Yellow Horse and if you know that he was the first full-blooded Native American Indian to play professional baseball, you win today's trivia contest.

As of June 9, 2012, Pawnee is also the wedding site for Kyle & Kalynn.  The Pawnee Bath House & grounds (a 1939 WPA project) was the venue.  The weather was great, the wedding was terrific and the couple are favorites of ours.  Here are some photos.

 Brenda and Delaine with lighted candles 
and three handsome young men in tow are ready to start the ceremony.
Kyle awaits.

All our eyes are on Kalynn & Dan

 Diane shares some thoughts for all of us.

 Kaloni, Joseph, Carly, Kalynn, Wayne, Kyle, Parker, Tyler & Karmen

 Wayne performed the ceremony.  Very nicely, I must add.

 Katia, Kamela, Ashley & Karmen sing "We Have Chosen One Another"

 The Kiss.  Wayne approves I think.

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle LiaBraaten