Thursday, January 20, 2011

Basement III

We've decided to lower the ceiling in the walkways leading to the new room. With water lines, wiring, duct work having been somewhat placed somewhat haphazardly it seemed like the thing to do. This house was moved to this location about 20 years ago and rewired & re-plumbed to the first floor which was nice but not much thought was given to getting things out of the way for a finished basement. We've learned to work around such! By the way, the hanger was the easiest workaround of all. Brenda took it to the laundry room!

Same location, opposite view and after preparing for new and lower ceiling. I'm standing at the bottom step as I shot this photo. Closet will be just to the left of the garbage can.

Standing in front of the fireplace and looking toward junk!

Pole at left now removed. Ducts now hidden with new ceiling framework. Distant junk removed and closet now in place.

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