Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ever wonder what to wear when it's below freezing?

Brenda took her first grade class outside for recess yesterday. It's below freezing and enough breeze to put the wind chill into the teens and merit winter clothing - or so it would seem.

One of the girls came up to Brenda and said she was really cold. Brenda looked down noticed she had sandals and no socks! So of course the question was, "Where are your socks & shoes?" The answer? My daddy said this would be OK to wear today!

I hear people wondering occasionally how those hearty souls who live way, way up north survive? I'm thinking that dressing for the weather might be the secret!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


OK, so back to the hunting bit. This post is dated February but these are December 08 events. Kyle and I brought home 5 deer from the Friday - Saturday portion of the second season. Fortunately the weather was cool enough to allow the meat store in the garage until we could get the butcher shop going. Which we did with some assistance from Doug, Mark & Trevon. Actually, Trevon (see last photo) isn't quite ready to lend much assistance but when he gets a few years older he should be good help because he sure studys what is going on and takes it all in. Here are a few photos.

There is a ham in the photo somewhere!

I believe the situation here is 1 Down, 1 in process, 3 to go.

Trevon looking things over.