Saturday, July 25, 2009


Another Project!

Now that the deer stand had a roof, we moved on to the next item on the list - downing a couple trees. Here are some photos of the first one which was leaning slightly toward the fence. Dad has taken down 100's of trees without assistance, but he thought it best to pull this one and therefore waited until he had a "puller". That's where I come in. So here we go...

"Yep, that ought to do. It's not hollow so away we go"

Hooking up the old John Deere and with the pulling cable.

Take out the slack...

Now, here is a series of shots. If you scroll down you'll see the tree fall. And you can also see Dad on the move as he gets out of the way!! Timber!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Roofing the Deer Stand

If you read the story I wrote earlier this year entitled, "Recent visit to My Folks" you may remember me telling about the deer hunting stand my Dad had under construction. This is no little 4 foot square box on 4x4's he's building as you can see... which means the roof is large enough to be a bit unwieldy for one person. So, last Saturday there were enough hands available to get on with the project. Here are a few photos to illustrate.

Dad had the steel roof all ready to go. We put planks in place to act as skids and attached ropes.

Getting ropes ready... and Kamela tending to the dog.

I push the roof panel up, Dad pulls the ropes.

Making some adjustments for proper fit and screwing panel in place.

The novice farm girl (my niece from PA) puts her all into moving a plank.

Working around a tree as we prepare to raise the opposite panel.

Half way up

The finished look with a photo of the assistants.

We left Dad with a few odd and ends to complete but for the most part, he's got the most comfortable, roomy, sturdy & "cool" hunting stand you could ask for. Only 4 months until deer season!
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We had some detasslers gather at our house while they waited for the corn to mature in Iowa. This year's corn crop through most of the Mid-west is at least 2 weeks behind normal. This, of course, made it difficult on those traveling a great distance to predict when they should book flights & such. Kyle is joined here by two Oklahoma, one Washington & one British Columbia native. While they awaited the call from Iowa that the corn was ready, they hung out here and at Karmen's in Chicago for a time. They finally got to head to Iowa a week ago and are now stalking tassels. (Pun intended)

A couple of chickens off the grill were devoured for Sunday dinner.