Monday, December 31, 2012

Code name? Project Complete!

Without discussing just how many nerves have been frayed, this project is done.  Brenda and I have agreed (for different reasons) we are done remodeling.  :)

Here is how it looks...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's time for another project.

Whenever someone visits our house, it seems there is always one room which has a closed door because we're working on it, about to work on it, or some such excuse.  Just short of 2 years ago, we remodeled the basement living area.  The bathroom however?  Its door remained closed and has been totally out of commission.  The only thing you would see if you opened the door would have been debris. 

Finally, the fix has started.  I have some photos of the progress.  Perhaps it's just as well I don't have any "before" photos.

Shower will be here.  But floor drain from old shower doesn't line up with new shower and the lavatory will be on a different wall.  So cut out the floor to place new drains.

Entry.  The wall to the right of the door was moved back into the laundry room about 16 inches to allow for this sitting area and an area for shelves as seen in the next photo.

I'll have about 43 inches for shelves in the area where the chair stands.

The old lavatory sat below the window, but the new one will be on the wall to the left of door. 

Back to the sitting and shelf area.  The wood is going up.

Shower surround is in place and drywall will soon be ready for primer & paint.

Paint is now on, so time for the tile to go down.

Shower glass installed and trim is going on... one piece at a time.  Cut it in the garage, make the trek into the basement.  If it fits, nail it.  If it's a 1/16 inch too long, walk out to the garage and cut it again!

Shelves are in place.

As soon as I finish a couple more things, I'll shoot some more photos and show the finished project.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deer Season

Where were all the deer this year?  Well, this one is in the freezer but the others eluded Kyle & I this season.  The statewide deer harvest was up slightly this year.  But the number of deer we saw was down.  I may have another hunt opportunity during the late season.  My wish is that Kyle could have another day or two in the woods but living in OK doesn't exactly make it easy.  We did have a great time together though.