Monday, November 30, 2009

Deer Season 2009 (Part 1)

The "Part 1" in the title is relevant due to the fact Illinois' deer season for shotgun is split into three days the weekend before Thanksgiving and four days the weekend after. So here is the report on Part 1.

Since Kyle is studying at Oklahoma State in Stillwater OK, he was eager to work out some sort of arrangement that would allow him make the 8 hour drive to Pike County IL and get in the woods. As it turned out, most of his classes the week of Thanksgiving were canceled - so he was able to hunt first season AND stay home for the entire holiday. We were all very happy he was able to be home that long! (His Mom was very, very happy!)

The three deer pictured below were taken opening day just about sunset. Kyle and I got all three of these within about a 10 minute span. The weather was warmer than we would have preferred but we had them all cut up and in the freezer pretty quickly. Beside the roasts & steaks, we got about 70-80 lbs of hamburger.