Monday, June 1, 2009

1st graders can be witty too...

Recently, one of Brenda's first grade students had an unfortunate bout with a bladder infection that seemed to resist medical treatment. After a couple weeks of treatment that didn't solve the problem, Brenda was informed that "Dawn" would be going to the hospital for tests and her dad would be picking her up about 11 AM.

Obviously, this whole situation was rather traumatic for Dawn, especially the upcoming trip to the hospital. She asked Brenda over and over during the morning classroom activities, "How soon is my dad coming?" or some similar question.

Brenda continued to teach the class of course. On one lesson, she gave some specific details for the students to follow and amazingly enough, Dawn, despite her preoccupation with the impending hospital visit was the only one who followed the instructions wholly and completely!

So, Brenda told the class, "You need to listen more carefully. Dawn was the only one who did this exactly as I asked."

To which, Dawn replied... "At least I don't have an ear infection!"

Pretty witty for a first grader, wouldn't you say?