Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Camping

We acquired a camper just before convention this year. Early August, it was. Not really sure why we didn't do it years ago when we had kids at home. Sometimes you don't see things real well as you zip down the road and then you look in the rear view mirror and get another perspective.

At any rate, my reasonably patient wife and I thought it would be great to spend the Labor Day weekend at a local State Park and get into the camping mode. This plan began to unravel just before the planned excursion and I spent about 35 hours at work over the Holiday. Not good, you might say.

The next good opportunity didn't arrive until Columbus Day weekend. Brenda had no school on Monday and things were now under control at my business so off we went. Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Now, I've asked my wife to join me on my winter camping expeditions and she has no interest. At least not yet. She did get a taste of cool (not cold) weather camping. It came complete with a short burst of sleet after we had settled in under the 3 or so blankets on Sunday evening. Of course, the camper heater kept us comfortable when we were inside and it was very enjoyable outside sitting around our small fire cooking the staple of all camping trips. Hot Dogs.

Shelter, warmth, scenery, something to read! Life is good!

Not exactly "my old flame" but similar I suppose...


Our only companions on our end of the campground.