Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd Annual Wild Game Dinner

Without a doubt the second wild game dinner was a hit.  Calling it the "second annual" not only indicates there has been a previous dinner but also suggests there could be more if all goes as planned.
I was able to shoot several photos at last year's dinner.  This year I only thought to grab the camera a couple times, so there are only a handful of photos to choose from. 

Brenda helps Cadence cut up some meat as the rest of us enjoy the conversation and variety of dishes.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the finished product but this combination of onions, peppers, mushrooms & spinach were sauteed in olive oil before being united with sun-dried tomatoes,  artichoke hearts, marinara sauce, cream cheese and finally penne to make a delicious pasta.  Oh, the wild game?  
Shredded squirrel meat.  

If you stop by our house sometime and ask politely, I'll make you some!!! 

Here we have meat chunks, breaded and fried in a cast iron skillet.  
We got a chuckle out of 6 yr old Paige, after having cleaned up her first serving, politely ask, 
"Please pass the rabbit".  Not something you hear every day.

Yes, Paige, it was worthy of a second helping!

Grilled pheasant breast wrapped in bacon.  Need I say more? 

Unfortunately that is all the photos I have.  Too bad because in addition, we had:
Bacon wrapped Duck, marinated with teriyaki seasoning and grilled.
Venison chili.
Meatloaf also from Venison.

And yes, we did have some vegetables & salad.
Awesome meal.  Looking forward to the 3rd annual!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to the construction project

Time to update the construction project.  I'm a couple weeks behind on my posting updates which works out well because I've not done much in the past two weeks... which means if I was up-to-date, I'd have nothing to post!

Front door is in place

Windows in and ready to start siding.

This particular day, Kurt is going to work on the siding while I mud all the drywall.  We'll see who is done first.  Probably not me.  I'm too slow and deliberate.  Drywall compound and ladder are ready and with a nice sunny day, it's the working conditions are perfect.

Looking upstairs from the window. 

Kurt puts the first strip of siding in place.  No doubt he's going to get done first.  I've all ready stopped working so I can take some photos!

1st side is complete.

Front will be complete with just two more pieces.  The shadows indicate it's getting toward late afternoon and the exterior is really, really close to being done!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Last fall after harvest, I enjoyed tilling about 3000 acres for a local farmer.  My work schedule allows for some free time occasionally and so whenever obligations at the office were complete, I'd take off for the field.  It worked out well for both parties.  Kamela spent some time with me in the tractor one of those beautiful autumn days last October and wrote about it HERE.

Meanwhile, I've thought for some time having a CDL could potentially be useful.  Not that I intended to get into the trucking industry but with all the farmers in our area you never know when one of them might need a driver for a day here and there.  And since I have a free day here and there...

A few weeks ago I passed the written portion of the test.  Today was the driving portion which went well.

As it turns out, I've a few free days next week.  I'd be glad to haul your corn wherever you need.  Call me for a quote!   HaHa.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Media & Children

Perhaps I find this so interesting partly because Brenda tells me frequently that she and fellow teachers
often comment about the large percentage of young children who cannot sit still, have no attention span, don't know how to listen,etc.  More and more students seem to have learning disabilities and/or behavior issues.  I suspect it would be hard to find a teacher who doesn't think it's a growing concern.

For those who have raised children without a TV and a plethora of entertainment type videos and feel that was proper because of a certain value or standard you were/are trying to instill, it is wonderful to know that you may also have provided a great assist in the mental development of your child by avoiding such.

The information contained in this video is research-based, not someone's theory, and is quite intriguing.

Media & Children  is about 15 minutes long.