Friday, July 22, 2011

New life for the living room.

Yes indeed.  Mom told Brenda a while back she wanted to re-paint the living room.  The original paint, curtains and carpet were over 40 years old.  Not only would fresh paint look good, but a slight update would work out well.

Brenda decided after school was out last month, to take a week off, head to my folks and paint the living room for them.  However, finding an entire, available week this summer just wasn't working out so I asked if she would like for me to go along and see if we could do the job in two days.  That is how I got involved.

We arrived about 9 PM on Tuesday and immediately started moving furniture, taping off trim, etc., and by midnight it was ready for paint and we were ready for bed.  So to bed we went.

A few years back prior to a new roof, there was some leaks that reached the living room ceiling.  So I started there and applied a sealer over those stains then repainted the entire ceiling while Brenda started working her way around the room with primer.  I didn't get any photos of the ceiling painting process.

Here is what it looked like sometime Wed morning.  Note the old curtains have become drop cloths! 
We are ready to roll!  ( A little painting humor there - grin) 

Since we were going over old oil-based paint, we were advised to use a primer first before applying the new latex paint.  Once I finished the ceiling, I started rolling the walls and Brenda keeps ahead of me with the corners and trim.

The new paint dries and....

Brenda works on the stairway while....

Dad catches up on the local news.  (I caught him sitting.  He wasn't there long!)

China cabinet is back in it's spot and Brenda starts pulling tape.

Dad finishes washing windows and.....'s coming back together.
Dad selected the new curtains but the vendor didn't have enough in stock, hence the half-way done look on the window....

... and the 3/4 way done look on this one.

This is how it looked when we left Thursday afternoon.  Mom and Dad went to Carbondale and obtained the remaining curtains they needed and installed them that evening after we left. 
It looks pretty nice if I may say so myself and we were glad to have the time together as well.
Enjoy it Mom and Dad!!