Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Construction of a different type

The basement project continues but with a slight interruption.

Brenda decided an igloo in her classroom would be really cool!
She sent home a requisition for building materials with her students.
Six year old kids tend to show excitement when excited... and they were.

Empty milk jugs started flowing to Room 14 by the dozen!

So to work we went. Brenda squeezing the trigger on her hot glue gun to the point of
developing a blister on her trigger finger. My job was to place the jugs on the freshly poured hot, liquid glue.

231 jugs, a few dozen hot glue sticks and 1 yard-stick late the project is complete.

If you ever build one, we learned a couple things you might want to know.
The most important perhaps is: rinse the jugs really, really good!

Imagine sitting in your own igloo. A good book in hand, lantern glowing, blankets comforting, penguins to keep you company. Ah, the joys of 1st grade in Eureka.

They love it!