Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Heat is ON

This summer I decided not to be a complainer about the heat.  I've done my share of moaning in the past about the hot summer days but have slowly come to the realization most people don't like to hear about the weather from a chronic complainer.  

Also, Brenda is cold most of the time between September and April and I'm hot most of the time between March and November.  So it's not like I've got a corner on the discomfort market... and she doesn't complain much.  Perhaps another reason to keep quiet.

Then, if today is a day the Lord has made and I'm to rejoice and be glad, it hardly seems reasonable to continually gripe about the degrees and humidity that makes me perspire so.

But having said that, the weather has cooled a bit.  This week has forecast highs of 50 and lows of 30.  Oh, do I like this!

Yesterday morning, Brenda asked ever so politely, "Do you think it's about time to turn on the heat"?  I told her that would be no problem; was it cool in the house or something?  She thought it was.  So I checked and it was 61 degrees.  I guess that is cool enough to turn on the heat... I'd just not given it a thought. Good thing she watches out for us.  I might just forget to turn it on until sometime in December!