Sunday, August 24, 2014


Over the 20 plus years we've lived here our landscaping has been a varied and ever changing lot of annuals, perennials, shrubs that sometimes looked marginally good and sometimes not-so-good.  Last year we decided to engage the services of a landscape architect.  This has worked out well.  Here are a number of photos taken over the past year.

May 2013.  South side of house. 
Ready to start planting

Digging out the barberry.  The boxwoods stay.

Old sidewalk removed.  Flagstone walkway in place.

Sidewalk WAS done but gets dug out so drainage pipe can be put underneath.

A bit of a mess....   especially when it starts to rain later!

Blue False Indigo, Fire Witch Dianthus and Red Sedum are in.

Coreopsis, Boxwood, etc.

Daisies, Woods Purple Aster & Yarrow

Brenda was out of town when all these were planted.  When she got home, she was underwhelmed.
But with a little time to grow, things got better.

6 weeks later.

2013 had about 5 weeks of no rain mid-summer so the watering, watering, watering begins.

1 year later.  Brenda feels better now!

May of 2014

Planted a Black Gum tree too.

From the side door.

Street view.

June - and things are blooming now!

Front side landscaping in the next blog.


Great convention this year at Seneca.  We even got a bonus with all our family able to be there.  Sunday AM we shot a few quick photos. 

Including Brenda's good friend; Cadence.