Thursday, March 1, 2012

Media & Children

Perhaps I find this so interesting partly because Brenda tells me frequently that she and fellow teachers
often comment about the large percentage of young children who cannot sit still, have no attention span, don't know how to listen,etc.  More and more students seem to have learning disabilities and/or behavior issues.  I suspect it would be hard to find a teacher who doesn't think it's a growing concern.

For those who have raised children without a TV and a plethora of entertainment type videos and feel that was proper because of a certain value or standard you were/are trying to instill, it is wonderful to know that you may also have provided a great assist in the mental development of your child by avoiding such.

The information contained in this video is research-based, not someone's theory, and is quite intriguing.

Media & Children  is about 15 minutes long.

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