Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd Annual Wild Game Dinner

Without a doubt the second wild game dinner was a hit.  Calling it the "second annual" not only indicates there has been a previous dinner but also suggests there could be more if all goes as planned.
I was able to shoot several photos at last year's dinner.  This year I only thought to grab the camera a couple times, so there are only a handful of photos to choose from. 

Brenda helps Cadence cut up some meat as the rest of us enjoy the conversation and variety of dishes.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the finished product but this combination of onions, peppers, mushrooms & spinach were sauteed in olive oil before being united with sun-dried tomatoes,  artichoke hearts, marinara sauce, cream cheese and finally penne to make a delicious pasta.  Oh, the wild game?  
Shredded squirrel meat.  

If you stop by our house sometime and ask politely, I'll make you some!!! 

Here we have meat chunks, breaded and fried in a cast iron skillet.  
We got a chuckle out of 6 yr old Paige, after having cleaned up her first serving, politely ask, 
"Please pass the rabbit".  Not something you hear every day.

Yes, Paige, it was worthy of a second helping!

Grilled pheasant breast wrapped in bacon.  Need I say more? 

Unfortunately that is all the photos I have.  Too bad because in addition, we had:
Bacon wrapped Duck, marinated with teriyaki seasoning and grilled.
Venison chili.
Meatloaf also from Venison.

And yes, we did have some vegetables & salad.
Awesome meal.  Looking forward to the 3rd annual!


Talisha said...
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Talisha said...

Yum! It all looked delicious! You know, wink!wink!, I can make a mean squirrel pot pie!

Six of us! said...

SOOO Good!! Looking forward to the 3rd Annual!!