Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to the construction project

Time to update the construction project.  I'm a couple weeks behind on my posting updates which works out well because I've not done much in the past two weeks... which means if I was up-to-date, I'd have nothing to post!

Front door is in place

Windows in and ready to start siding.

This particular day, Kurt is going to work on the siding while I mud all the drywall.  We'll see who is done first.  Probably not me.  I'm too slow and deliberate.  Drywall compound and ladder are ready and with a nice sunny day, it's the working conditions are perfect.

Looking upstairs from the window. 

Kurt puts the first strip of siding in place.  No doubt he's going to get done first.  I've all ready stopped working so I can take some photos!

1st side is complete.

Front will be complete with just two more pieces.  The shadows indicate it's getting toward late afternoon and the exterior is really, really close to being done!!

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