Friday, March 2, 2012


Last fall after harvest, I enjoyed tilling about 3000 acres for a local farmer.  My work schedule allows for some free time occasionally and so whenever obligations at the office were complete, I'd take off for the field.  It worked out well for both parties.  Kamela spent some time with me in the tractor one of those beautiful autumn days last October and wrote about it HERE.

Meanwhile, I've thought for some time having a CDL could potentially be useful.  Not that I intended to get into the trucking industry but with all the farmers in our area you never know when one of them might need a driver for a day here and there.  And since I have a free day here and there...

A few weeks ago I passed the written portion of the test.  Today was the driving portion which went well.

As it turns out, I've a few free days next week.  I'd be glad to haul your corn wherever you need.  Call me for a quote!   HaHa.


Kamela said...

YAY for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Eldon said...

Thanks! YYYNY2

Talisha said...

Hey, Eldon! Anhydrous season is about to fire up in a couple of weeks--would you like a job? :) Congrats to you and great work!