Thursday, February 2, 2012

It must be time for another project

Many who have visited us in this house would know that once you step inside that red door you are faced with two stairs.  One going up to the main floor and one going down to the basement.  The worst part is the landing which is only 3x6 feet and a door that opens in - directly toward the stairs going up.  For 19 years the squeeze in that area has been tolerated but quite inconvenient.  Whether you were carrying a sack of groceries, trying to take off shoes, or simply trying not to get in the way of the rest of the family that was ahead or behind you, the cramped quarters were endured and the words often uttered, "It sure would be nice to do something about this entry way someday".

Someday has come!

After Brent helped me dig out the bushes which we hope to save, he hammers out some old sidewalk.

Measurements are taken and the lines drawn where the footings need to be dug as seen by the orange paint on the grass.  Brent (in red sweatshirt) cleans out dirt and checks the depth of the first trench

Just after lunch, the concrete is delivered.

The trench is full of concrete and the 9x12 entryway addition is in motion.

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