Sunday, February 12, 2012

Destruction desists; Construction continues.

The old porch was left in place to have something over our heads at the front door for the time being while the concrete work was taking place.  Each part of the project takes place when ever the opportunity presents itself so we never know if the next step will be tomorrow or a week from tomorrow. 

So this is the day it's coming down and the framing starts.

And as usual, the yard is a mess.  Of course it gets cleaned up later in the day. 

 I think each day of this project we have worked in close company with the drizzle.  With mud sticking to the boots everywhere we go, the end of the day cleanup includes spraying down sidewalks, tools and even some of the wood with water.

We can still get to the front door throughout thanks to the old concrete pad.

The "box" starts to take shape.

Almost ready to place the sheeting on the roof.

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