Friday, May 6, 2011

Turkeys 3 Hunters 0

Despite valiant efforts, this years hunting team was shut out by the woods-wise and wary turkeys.  The sun rose beautifully Friday morning and the Gobblers were gobbling.  They were apparently as happy to see the sun as everyone else.  A local farmer had measured 17 inches of rain in the preceding 17 days.

Don (younger) had the best opportunities the first day but whiffed on a pitch out of the strike zone.  The bird was just too far away apparently.  His next opportunity was a fast ball right down the middle but he swung just a bit too late and his intended target lived to roost again.  Likely Don shot just behind his swiftly departing target and with the tom so close the pellets had little chance to spread.

Unfortunately a business obligation of mine forced us out of the woods after about 4 hours of hunting on Saturday.  Since none of us even saw a long-beard that morning, I guess you could say it was three strikes and we were out.

So the highlights of the trip were getting a couple days in the woods, time with my folks, camaraderie with some great fellow hunters - and for me the opportunity to bring home a reminder of my hunt from 3 years ago.

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