Monday, April 18, 2011

Turkey talk

Turkey season is almost here. Actually it is here but the season is divided into 5 segments and our permits suggest we hunt the last of those 5 segments.  I wrote "our" permits because Don & Don & Dad are also part of the hunting party.  The first Don has hunted with me before and his success last year is documented here.  The second Don is actually the father of the first Don so therefore he should probably be the first Don but since the first (second) Don was the first to start hunting with me...  oh never mind.  

So in anxious anticipation I've gotten some of my stuff together which is pretty good for someone who operates in the "last minute" mode much of the time.  Note the hand made calls (in the photo below) which were special made by Dave C. for us.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  I really should photograph them close up and post them on my next blog and show how beautiful they really are.

Turkey hunting is most enjoyable.  
They are a real challenge to harvest and while my weapon gives me one big advantage, every other advantage belongs to the turkey.  Turkeys aren't real smart but they have terrific eyesight and are not overly curious.  Which means if they see something that doesn't look right, they leave instantly and with conviction. 

Each of the last two years I've left the woods as the loser if you consider not bagging a turkey a loss.  I would, however, suggest that most any experience in the woods and its opportunities to see various wildlife up close is actually a win if you love the outdoors - and I do.

So while there is no guarantee I'll have a future blog with a photo of a harvested turkey slung over my shoulder and a big grin, I can pretty much guarantee the big grin - along with stories to be told, memories to keep and with any luck, a photo of the second Don with his first turkey slung over his shoulder.  That would be awesome!

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Derek said...

Turkey season has been in full swing here since the 18th, so far turkeys 1, me 0. Toms are still following hens so there may be a chance before season ends the 8th. They have been in the backyard every day.