Saturday, May 14, 2011

An OK Graduation - and then some!

Gallagher-Iba arena, the venue for OSU's graduation ceremony as seen through my telephoto lens.  I should have taken the photo from about a block further back because I only got about half of it in!  Kyle's graduation was the first of three on May 7.

Kyle spots us in the crowd.

Don't know who this is but love the message!

The Tulsa Pipe & Drum corp escorted the graduates through campus and into the gym.

Guest speaker, OK governor Mary Fallon.

Our favorite graduate of the day!

Diploma in hand, it's time for a big grin!!

Ready for the recessional.

In front of the library.

Celebration time.

Kyle with Kalynn and her family

Kyle spent the night with us in Tulsa on Sunday before we headed back to IL.  He had three more days to work at his internship at Tulsa International Airport so we parted ways Monday AM.

Kyle & Brenda: parting shot

Kamela - Illinois Wesleyan 2003
Karmen - Cornell College 2006
Kyle - Oklahoma State 2011

They are all done and it's an absolutely wonderful feeling.


Kamela said...

Thumbs up all around!

Rob said...

Wow - Congrats to kids and parents! Now what are you and Brenda going to do?? :) P.S. - Monticello isn't too far if you need somewhere to go! -Andrea

Sandra Ramey said...

Very nice...congrats Kyle!! Its really great!