Friday, April 8, 2011

Surprise Visitors

Last Friday (April Fool's Day) was a day to remember! (no fooling)

Karmen came home Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us.  We enjoyed her company and while we visited I was able to finish some jobs in the basement such as installing a couple light fixtures, some outlets & switches, move the computer, etc.  It was closing in on 11 PM which is past our bedtime but Brenda was still working away and in the process of moving the filing cabinet and it's contents to the basement when who should appear at our front door but Kyle and Kalynn.

Surprise indeed.  Brenda had just made the comment as she tore into the upstairs bedroom that since nobody would be sleeping in there for some time, she wouldn't worry about the mess she was making and would sort through it later.  Karmen (who knew Kyle was coming) tried to delay Brenda's room wrecking but to no avail. Kyle didn't mind the files, boxes & papers that kept him company that night so all was well.

The second surprise was soon revealed when Kyle and Kalynn told us they had actually made the trip to tell us of their engagement.  So a hearty congratulations to the two of them!  We are excited and wish them the very best.

They have been keeping company for about two and a half years.  Since Kyle has lived near Kalynn for much of that time while he's been attending Oklahoma State U, they didn't have to get acquainted via long distance.  Welcome to the family Kalynn. 

Speaking of schooling, Kyle graduates next month with his degree in aviation management and Kalynn is working on her dental hygiene training. 

A wedding date hasn't been announced. 

The next day was Kyle's 22nd birthday so his grandma made him a pound cake and we all celebrated together.

Kyle & Kalynn


DougnKarena said...

Wowee! Congrats to all!:)

Sandra Ramey said...

Neato! Love is in the air:)

Ruth S. said...

Congrats to all -- another K added to the family!