Saturday, July 24, 2010

Patio - with lighting

Thankfully installing the lighting today wasn't too strenuous because even with a nice breeze and a 16 inch fan about 16 inches from me as I worked, my clothes were drenched by the time this project was completed. Humidity levels were maxed out today.

I had a photo shoot in Peoria this evening and was afraid I'd get home after dark - too late to shoot a picture of the finished product. However, getting home in time wasn't the problem, but rather the rain that was just beginning. So, this shot was hurried and the grill is still in the photo but at least I got a quick shot.


Ernestine said...

Well, I learned something today, so
I'll see if I can do it again.
Looks as tho you have been working
hard and has paid off. The lighting
is very nice - as well as the patio
and all the flowers.
Will be nice to see it ????

Sandra Ramey said...

lovely!great job!miss you guys. i fly home after conv (yellow springs) Dave is coming for it.