Monday, July 19, 2010

More patio, etc.

Approximately two feet separate the old fence and where the new patio starts. That area was originally planned as a space for flowers. This plan would frugally save from purchasing about 25 square feet of flagstone. Then we decided it would be a good idea to have a raised flower bed. Then we saw and liked the idea of building a column. And oh yes, these we might as well put a light on the column (not yet installed) and you can see what is coming can't you. That 25 square feet cost more than the entire patio stone cost!!

Oh well, at least we like it so far. The project designer has chosen to mix stone colors a bit and so we hope when it gets all done, it all works together. The stones are glued so redesign will be a bit rocky!

These flower beds were hurriedly finished Sat morning before we headed south to spend some time with my folks. Brenda is ready to travel but came out and planted some flowers while I finished watering other plants.

Opposite side

Brenda persuaded me to pose quickly before heading in to clean up for our trip. A bit more and this area will be complete. Then on to the next area.

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Rob said...

It looks fabulous!! -A