Monday, January 25, 2010

Holidays 2009 - Part 3

New Years Eve 2009.
A get-together at Davenport Elementary School in Eureka.
We decided to usher in the New Year in a rather lively way.

Have you ever used half a gymnasium to play a card game called Dutch Blitz (SUPER-SIZED)?

Next game? ...... NOUNS!
How would you describe alabaster?
In just 2 words?

How about muskrat?

Or could you act out Grover?
Or caveman?
Remember - the timer's running!

Some of the crew take a time-out for refreshments.
Followed by singing some hymns.

At her "office" in the gym, Paige is busy taking messages despite the bedlam going on just a few feet from her "desk".

Marina and Anthony 'cat-ching' up on 'kiddy' stuff.

After some rousing games of basketball, it's time for Ultimate Frisbee.
Discussing ground rules.

Off and flying!


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