Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holidays 2009 - Part 2

Holiday time is always family time filled with eating, games, craziness, visiting, laughter...

The kitchen on Christmas day. Talking and laughing - who's cooking?

Aha! Looks like Kyle and Kamela are in charge of the mashed potatoes.

Sunday at Rhonda and Leonard's. Undoubtedly, Kamela and Ashley are up to something.

Game time!

Ashley is attempting to draw with her eyes closed.

It's just too easy to peek. Drawing for this team is serious business.

Kyle gives Grandpa a hand.
The sun's out. No need for long underwear and coveralls!

Racquetball is the next activity. Katia, Ashley, and Karmen in a highly competitive showdown.

Karmen whoopin' up on her Dad.

Back to the house for some more goofiness.
Cowgirl Ashley.

Katia, the original goofball!

Kyle moves from "ridee" to "rider".

Settlers of Catan. Even the laid-back become competitive and high-strung in this game.

Katia saw this pencil and decided it was just perfect.

Normal bowling!

Not-so-normal bowling!
Opposite hand.
Eyes closed.
Backwards between the legs (as demonstrated by Kamela).
Backwards between the legs demonstrated by Steve.
Granny style demonstrated by Rhonda.

"The Kicker" demonstrated by Karmen.

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