Monday, January 11, 2010

Holidays 2009 - Part 1

Last year, while decorating cookies at Thanksgiving time, one of the kids remarked that the cookie they had just decorated looked like the Chinese flag. That comment was the beginning. They decided to decorate an entire batch of cookies representing myriad countries, including some rather obscure nations. They then took the cookies to Grandma and Grandpa's and introduced a new "name game" - as in "how many countries can you identify by the flags handcrafted in icing"?

This year, the contest reached a new level.

Here they are selecting their 40 countries - all of which will have their flags displayed on graham crackers.

Next, Kyle is getting the colors "just right".

The process continues.

Giving attention to all the details.

Flag art is an intense work.

How many can you name? Don't feel bad if you miss a few! You're looking at the flags upside down.

The contest is now underway! Everyone has a list of the countries in hand and are attempting to match with a number located beside each 'flag'.

To other participants, the contest seems somewhat unfair as they observe two renowned "geography experts" comparing notes! In fact, a couple of participants "waved white flags", surrendered, and took a seat!

Ashley checks out the finer points to determine whether she is looking at Vietnam or Suriname.

The contest winner! Having traveled to Europe, Asia, and South America in the past year probably helped. Congratulations Katia!

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