Saturday, May 17, 2014

To Invent...

Thomas Edison said it like this, "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."  
My Dad has both. 

Now nothing he's ever put together has been turned into a product for mass production and marketed to the consumer.  That would never really be the point anyway.  And although I've heard countless times, "Why buy it when you can make it", I don't think that is really the point either.  Obviously all the devices shown below were constructed for a purpose and mostly at a cost far less than purchasing a similar item at Tractor Supply or some such retailer.  

Two characteristics of the collection?  
"Function over Form" and "You don't have to paint"

 Need to haul water to the garden.  Fortunately Dad had an axle, angle iron and a tank in the scrap pile.  Had to purchase the hose.

 Need to haul wood or animals I suppose. Or even a bathtub perhaps.

Need a front end loader.  Found a tractor or combine axle, a motor, built a frame.
  Oops, another project must have taken priority.  Finishing will have to wait.

There is an integral part to the loader ready and waiting whenever construction resumes.

Pontoons ready for the boat?

Sawmill is fully functional.  Purchased a motor and cutting blade and maybe some steel.  This has cut lots of lumber.  Need a cabin?  Like rustic?  Dad might have some rough-cut lumber just the way you like it!!

Hand help seeder too small for the job?  Here is one that fits on your tractor.  (It's upside down if you are finding it hard to figure out)

Lots of leaves in the yard?  This high capacity vacuum will hold a pretty good load considering it's probably 6 feet high. 

And the scraper.  This has moved many yards of dirt.  It started with an old gas tank cut in half.

I used to think Dad wasted time on building things to accomplish tasks that could have gotten done, perhaps faster, or more efficiently or even sometimes cheaper if he'd bought equipment or hired a job done.  But I've come to understand that some people have hobbies like golf, fishing, hiking and some folks like to build stuff.  Dad likes to build and I believe the real point is; the construction is just as important, maybe more important, than the task that is accomplished with the finished product.

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