Saturday, May 17, 2014

Harley? Hardly!!

Custom motorcycle shops across the country are producing one-of-a-kind bikes every day for folks who want something different, something unique.  I found this old custom bike in French Lick, IN.  A bike like it, I've never seen!  Among other things you will see:
  • Bicycle fork & front wheel
  • Horseshoe handlebar mount
  • Bull horns for handlebar
  • Wooden barrel for gas tank
  • Saddle for seat
  • Headers of some variety for exhaust
  • Horseshoe with spurs for foot rest
  • Garden spade for rear fender
  • Pitch fork for purpose unknown
  • And most amazing of all?  Electrolux propulsion system!!

The owl is not part of the bike.  It is part of some other unique gadget.

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