Sunday, June 16, 2013

To OKC for a graduation

We headed to Oklahoma City in May for Kalynn's graduation from the University of Oklahoma.  The degree as a registered dental hygienist complete and a job waiting for her was cause for celebration!  So what better way to start than with a troupe of bagpipers!

 The dental hygiene program was recognized at the university wide graduation on Friday night, but that department conducted a separate ceremony Saturday AM.  This was the graduation we attended and was where all the students were recognized individually.  Kalynn shows her trademark smile as she walks by family on the way in.

 The four years of hard work recognized.

Yep, still grinning.  So were we!

Kyle & Kalynn

 Karmen & Kalynn


Kalynn and her parents, Delaine & Dan.  Sorry Kalynn, it was the very best photo of your parents and every other one of you is great so...  had to do it!

 "I like that party hat!"

Congratulations to both of you.  Job well done.  We know nobody was more thrilled than you for your accomplishments, but we were pretty excited too!!!

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