Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Amped to Camp

Winter!  Some people love it and I suppose the rest... don't. Perhaps some folks are indifferent about winter but maybe they are hibernating because it seems most people have an opinion and don't mind sharing.  Perhaps you won't mind if I share mine.  I love winter. 

This years seventh annual winter camping trip was in jeopardy.  With the weather milder than a sloth on Valium, our opportunities to camp were as bleak as the dark blacks, browns & grays of the woods.  We needed some cold weather and some snow to remind us we actually don't live in the banana belt.  Thankfully, it happened.  Ten beautiful inches dropped on Pittsfield.

Actually, I'd resigned myself to the likelihood that this winter's camping trip wasn't going to happen and my enthusiasm had dropped to almost zero.  Colder than the weather.  Then on Wed. morning I heard the forecast for snow and decided to call Bruce.  Hearing the weather forecast boosted my excitement a notch or two but talking to Bruce is like getting a booster shot of enthusiasm when it comes to adventure!  So, phone calls went out to fellow campers of years past.  Unfortunately, not all could make it because of other commitments and short notice.  Here are some photos.
Conditions were ideal. About 10 inches of snow.  Temp in the high 20's Friday night and 11 degrees on Saturday morning.  The woods we camped in are off to the right of this gravel road.

What do you need to camp in the snow?  A good sleeping bag, skillet and nice selection of stuff you can't see in that green backpack!!

Rob & Robert gather some firewood.  Setting up camp next to a downed Osage Orange tree is always a good plan.

Next, start on the food.  It's a pretty integral part of the proceedings.  Emily slices the peppers...

Andy takes care of the onions.  The camera flash lights the area only for a moment of course.  The headlamp Andy wears is vital in this onion chopping process.
Another of the highlights.  Conversation.  Most any discussion with Andy will be interesting despite the impression Anthony might give you.

Emily finishes her vegetables for stir frying as I discuss who knows what.

Our grill grate sits over a bed of coals supported by 3 Osage Orange blocks.  As good as any gas range or electric stove top and only slightly less convenient.  Actually, it might be more convenient as the grease splatterings don't have to be wiped up!  The stir fry and chicken & black bean soup tasted as good as they look in this photo.

 Cajun seasoned venison brats.

Surrounded by coals, the dutch oven holds our desert.

A can of pineapple, butter, can of cherries, butter, box of cake mix and butter.  It's so good.  And we need the calories!  It's cold out there!!

My bed for the night.  And how do you like that!  Turn-down service.  

Emily has a spot by the creek.  Looks cozy and inviting wouldn't you say??

This is how you keep warm.  Except after the photo you pull the bag a little higher!

Sat. AM.  The early risers were Kenrick & Anthony.  Those fellows were sawing logs (literally) somewhere around 5 AM.

There was a pretty good quantity of firewood that went on the fire due to the 
endeavors of ...  Kenrick

... and Anthony.   And Andy too for that matter.

Breakfast will be soon.

Cinnamon rolls are becoming a staple since Doug started tradition.  

Andy in front, then L-R...  Anthony, Rob, Kenrick, Emily & Eldon

Bruce takes my spot for this photo.

I didn't see this but perhaps someone found some ice on the creek?

About time to break up camp but you just can't let a campfire go out without some marshmallows.

Thanks for all the fun guys & Emily.  Hope to see you next year along with Don & Doug.

Thanks Bruce for all the photos in this blog. 


Brenda said...

That's something I have always wanted to do!!!

Talisha said...

Oh, that looks SO fun!! We call your dessert 'Dump Cake', but I would be willing to bet it tastes 10X better over an open fire!! Love the idea!

Bruce said...

I thawed you did a nice job on the blog.
It is worth camping in the cold and snow if you can have marshmallows for breakfast.