Sunday, July 8, 2012


Thursday, June 7 was rehearsal day.  First order of business was to get everyone to the park where the wedding was to be held in Pawnee OK, rehearse, then head 40 minutes west to Perry OK and do some preparation at the reception hall.

First, thanks to Karmen for the photos.  Hoping others would share their photos with us, I never took my camera out of the car.  Microphone in hand, Kalynn and Kyle are all smiles BEFORE the start of rehearsal.  Afterward, you ask?  Well, we'll see about that!

 Brenda and others watch the proceedings. The venue was really nice which is more evident in the wedding photos I'll post later.

See, rehearsal is over, the sun has set and indeed, still smiling!

The project I was involved with at the reception hall was hanging a parachute from the ceiling. Kyle spent a good amount of the evening on a ladder stringing support rope. 

Kalynn hangs on to her Dad (Dan) as he holds the parachute up to take out slack as the ropes are tightened.  Just why a parachute is needed at a wedding reception will be revealed in a future episode.

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