Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our 50th!

50th game of Ticket to Ride, that is. 

Brenda & I launched an on-going series of Ticket to Ride games last Oct 31.  Whenever we have a few minutes to spare (often on a Sun evening) we sit down play a game or two and add the score to our running total.  Last week we played the 50th game of our match.  

If you've played this game, you might understand why we enjoy it so much. 
Indeed the game keeps your interest while playing and it is fast paced - we can play a game in 30 minutes or less.  For me that is very important! :)  Also, you just can't tell who is winning until you count things up at the end of the game.  That really helps keep you involved.

If you haven't played, stop by sometime.  We'd be glad to teach you the best board game going!

Who's ahead in the series?  Well, why worry about something like that?  We're having too much fun... and it is pretty close.

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