Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Nickels worth of decades

Brenda comes up from the basement and is surprised by fire in the kitchen which immediately grabbed her attention. The flames from 50 candles are hard to ignore! 

Now she realizes multiple cameras are busily recording the moment and she reacts quite instinctively.  This is similar to what her mother & maternal grandmother would have done. 

Blowing out candles is not Brenda's best trick and now she's faced with 50 that are starting to burn down and drizzling wax into the cake. It took a few moments to get that many lit and some have been burning for awhile. But she's up to the task and makes quick work of it.

Smiling, she is ready to share with us the cinnamon spice cake. You can't see the rest of us smiling also. We love our youthful and wonderful quinquagenarian wife/mom.
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Ruth S. said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda! Was nice to see you Saturday, but didn't realize a milestone birthday was so near!

Connie Nylund said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda! Best wishes from Connie and John

Brenda said...

Ain't she just purty!!