Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hunting story # 1

The last morning of this years deer hunt was perhaps the most interesting of any I've experienced over the past 24 years. The deer I shot ran about 1/8 mile through an open field and I completely lost the blood trail among the corn stubble and freshly overturned dirt. I knew she'd entered a wooded area over a ridge and out of sight but didn't know exactly where. After walking the perimeter of forest for about 100 yards, then reversing direction and starting to do it all over again, I found one drop of blood on a leaf. Following this clue into the underbrush, I found a easier to follow trail and soon recovered the deer. This was about a 4 hour process in total. In addition a deer, I bagged the coyote shown below.

This photo shows the drop of blood that caught my eye and eventually led me to my quarry.

No, that's not all the story - not by a long shot. The rest of the story is here.

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