Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I don't have so many photos of the Thanksgiving holiday festivities. Several others had cameras going non-stop so perhaps if some of those photos end up in my possession I can post a few of them. I did get a photo of the birthday girls who celebrate over a 10 day period starting with Karmen on Nov 26, Becki on Dec 1, Kamela on Dec 2 and Catie on Dec 5.

A really good effort at blowing out imaginary candles. They got them all on the first try!

The massage train

Kyle dropped his cookie. But didn't have to pick it up off the floor because it stopped right here on the side of the table cloth. The cookies were good, by the way, even if they did taste a little like velcro.

Parker decides not to take a chance of it dropping and being contaminated. He's ready!
Some cookie bakers roll out their dough but apparently these are drop cookies.


Sandra Ramey said...

Look at all the rellies! Hi Becky!
Glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving

Kamela said...

You cwack me up!!!!