Thursday, May 14, 2009

OK, Just One More Mushroom Story

Not to turn this into a mushroom blog but there is one more story. Last week I checked out a new area that Doug had arranged permission to hunt.
We headed into the woods with our trusty guide, Trevon, who very quickly "smelled" a mushroom "right over there". I'd never thought of hunting them by smell before so I was glad to introduced to a new tactic! We did have some success.

Crossing a creek

The haul

My biggest one of the season. The lower part of the stem is lower left in photo. Stem extends across my palm toward the thumb, then does a 180 and the head laying back toward the left. I don't know if it grew like that or the weight caused it to collapse upon itself. Wish I'd tried to see how much it weighed.

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